The Power of 6 Summer Capsule

In an effort to clear out some laundry, my capsule clothing will start with in its entirety on Friday. I’m working in some pieces while I work out others and add them to the laundry. I have a hard time washing a shirt when I wore it for 4 hours without sweating but I’m not stashing it for 3 months in washing either.

Since this Friday is the start of Awesome Con, I even got my summer costume pieces down to 6. Here is what I’m wearing for the next 3 months.


My River Song costume will be paired with brown cowboy boots, both of which count toward my final 6.

The remaining 4 are my monster skirt, queens of hearts costume apron, and my 11th Doctor dress and caplet.


Not pictured: long tiered dress with a bit of a ruffle going on and patchwork style dress I found at a hippy boutique.


Basics was split between leggings and camis. Every minimalist/capsule advocate hypes camis so I included 2. Leggings are here to act as a layer for skirts that are a little short or a weekend bottom when it’s hot and humid AF. IRL, my blue leggings have a lace trim but you take what Google gives you.

Not pictured: brown capri leggings, olive cami, light blue cami


My culottes are from Kmart circa 2 years ago as are my short, dark capris. This was before I became more concerned with ethical fashion and even still, I’m limited with what is offered to larger sizes. The black pants I actually do own and added them for the 2 days in the summer when it might be cool.

Not pictured: long capris in a medium denim and casual weekend capris, also denim.


For the purposes of this challenge, my tops were separated into Work and Weekend. You can kind of see the shift happening.

Not pictured:  Octopus tee (cream and painted with actual octopus ink), a swing tee in a sort-of snakeskin pattern, and a patterned, sleeveless tunic


The olive skirt has a subtle ribbon instead of a big bow but the other two are an exact match.

Not pictured: Patterned wrap skirt


I’m still waiting on my seven-ways cardigan in the mail but I’ve already got the purple Eddie Bauer cardigan and I love it. I’ve had the shrugs from target for ages.

Not pictured: gray bolero with drape front from a boutique in Alaska

I’m waiting on two dresses I kickstarted to come in within the next month or so. They will be added to the capsule. Rather than remove something, I left open space in other places for a current total of 38 out of a possible 42 (48 with costumes).

I am not limiting earrings or necklaces but I will be limiting my scarves and the number of bags I use to 6. I’m also attending Firefly so I’m going to have to do an entry about the Factor of 6 for wicking clothing I plan on wearing.


2 thoughts on “The Power of 6 Summer Capsule

    1. Thanks! I’ve toyed with the idea of doing the character for a while so when the seller had a deal on the dress in my size, I pounced. The costume will be making its debut on Saturday at Awesome Con. I’ll add the other accessories over time since I’m on a budget.


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