Doing Basics Differently

Everyone talks about how personal a capsule wardrobe is but everyone gives identical advice. I’ve already explained why I don’t need a chambray shirt but here’s why I love some of my more unusual pieces.

Purple pants
My current gig is pretty casual so I routinely get to wear purple pants. I try to pair it with something subtle to balance it out but I get a ton of wear out of these. I wore them so much I had to get the fabric by the back pocket rivets mended to keep wearing them.

Logo tees
I have learned over time that I am much more likely to wear a fun logo tee over a plain tee any day. I am a big fan of camis to wear under sweaters and the like but I’ve also used Kylo Ren is a punk bitch on sweaters too high to see the text. I’m way more excited to wear this or this than a plain shirt.

It’s an instant outfit. You want to get dressed quickly? Pull it over your head and you’re instantly dressed. It’s in the name. The only reason I don’t have more dresses in my capsule is because I gained some weight and some of them don’t fit ideally anymore.

Bold skirts
All of my pants and leggings are going to be neutral so let’s keep it interesting with fun accents and bold designs. I think the coral Hello Sweetie top would look lovely with the octopus skirt. Even my ‘neutral’ skirts have a fabric or cut that promotes movement and keeps it interesting.

It may not be a vegan leather jacket but these summer staples have seen me through many years.



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