Don’t Buy the Hype

After watching a multitude of capsule wardrobe videos, some of the same items get hyped again and again that I just don’t like.

Button downs

My shoulders are broader, arms bigger, and torso longer than most women, or at least 98% of all fit models. I have had exactly 1 button down of any kind I remember being completely happy with. It was a checked flannel shirt from Torrid with studs on the pocket that in no way looked work appropriate. Eventually, it didn’t get much wear and I gave it to a friend.

Every other button down has been too small in the arms or not provided enough shoulder space. I don’t care if it’s chambray or white. Odds are, it won’t work on me.

Vegan leather jacket

I heard the term repeated through so many videos that I finally ordered a vegan leather jacket to try. Once I got it, I remembered why I don’t own any of these. It’s for the exact same reason I no longer own any button ups. Even unzipped, I can’t lift my arms above shoulder level without the whole moving up my torso. While this piece would be cool to own, I’ll wait for one that fits.


People talk about minimalist fashion in terms of this wedge or that bootie. Most heels in my size are made for drag queens. When my mom found a pair of wedges that actually fit me and weren’t painful, she ordered 2 more. My shoes consist of the following: Sketchers men’s work boots for winter storms, men’s short Uggs for winter weekends, New Balance men’s sneakers, Old Navy flip flops, SAS mary janes for work, SAS men’s sandals, Walking Cloud wedges for formal occasions. If it does not fall into one of those categories, I don’t own it.

Plain white anything

I own exactly 2 plain white shirts. One is too sheer to be worn on its own and the other is a cami. Every other white top I have has some sort of pattern on it. I own no white bottoms. White tends to attract stains or be too sheer. A plain white tee would be a little casual for work with jeans and I don’t have many other pants at the moment. Owning white bottoms just feels like asking for it to me.

That is my list of minimalist friendly clothes I neither own nor like. I have plenty of other items I love and wear often that minimalists or capsule enthusiasts wouldn’t touch, like purple pants. I could easily to a fall 30X30 with a pair of my purple pants and be very happy.

Just because something works for someone doesn’t mean it will work for you. It’s good to consider other ideas but never forget to think for yourself.


One thought on “Don’t Buy the Hype

  1. Great post. I love watching fashion youtube videos, but they are almost all hauls and it drives me nuts! Or people do capsule wardrobe videos but don’t see to tell you anything besides what to have in them. This post is refreshing in the world of telling people wha to buy.

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