My Style

Part of establishing a capsule is knowing your style and what you like. I’ve considerably narrowed down some fundamentals of my style.


What I Don’t Like

Maxi skirts and dresses feel awkward and cumbersome to me.

I don’t like the way chiffon feels on my skin.

Shirts and necklaces that sit too close to my throat make me feel like I’m being choked.

White bottoms and most white tops. They’re either sheer or stain magnets.

Most prints TBH. At best, I’m meh about stripes, chevron, paisley, animal prints, and floral. Polka dots can be cute but I haven’t seen anything yet that made me go “I must own it!”

I hate constricting clothes that don’t stretch or give.

The colors yellow (my least favorite color on the planet), orange, and brown.


Oxfords/buttons downs. They never fit right in the arms or chest.

Polo shirts: Great for other people but they give me Catholic school flashbacks.

Statement necklaces. I like my jewelry to have some significance or story.

Short shorts. My thighs touch and chaffing sucks.

Illusion necklines

Nail polish


Halter tops

Strapless tops

Wool & linen are itchy AF to me

Mascara that isn’t waterproof

Acrylic sweaters are almost always too itchy. I have a fair isle sweater from my mom I’m going to try to soften up this winter.


What I Do Like

Flowy tops

Asymmetric hems


Full skirts

Funky, unique prints

Layering with leggings

Soft, breathable fabrics

Empire waists

Skater skirts

Dolman tees

Being able to do an everyday cosplay/bounding



Bolero/shrug sweaters

Graphic tees

Bold lipsticks

Gray, black, and navy as neutrals.

The colors purple, blue, teal, and olive. Maybe a splash of red (with a bluer base).


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