Minimalism Challenge Update 2

I have not been as good as I was last time. Meditation didn’t happen but it’s not something I’ve ever been good at. I genuinely have a hard time wrapping my brain around making my mind go blank. I’m hoping to get to it some other time.

Take a step toward learning a new skill
I resumed re-learning German with the Duolingo app. I started to but then fell off. I want to pick it back up since being bilingual is on my bucket list.

Identify 3-6 main priorities
The biggies for me are paying off my debt, spending less, maintaining a good relationship with Boyfriend, reading, and spending time with friends who matter.

Go barefaced
This was fairly easy. It’s been very dreary and rainy for almost the last week and I haven’t had very many fancy places to be. Despite loving fun makeup, I think I’ve worn makeup once in the last week.

Learn to enjoy solitude
Since I was watching the dogs while my mother was out of town, this was fairly easy. The nice part about sleeping alone was hogging the covers, sleeping in whatever position I wanted, and not dealing with someone else snoring. It can be quiet and I can get things done, read, and be alone with my thoughts. Before Boyfriend and MeetUp, I routinely did things by myself because most of my other friends were flaky AF.

Let go of a goal
This one was a bit harder since most of my goals are things that need to get done so I revisited my New Years Resolutions. From that list, I’m not going to worry about making more recipes or finishing every book that carried over from 2015. I’ll still leave them on there when I check in June but I am OK not accomplishing those this year.

No complaint day
This was actually fairly easy. I had lunch with my mom, saw the doggies, and did a bunch of chores around the apartment. The weather was a bit dreary but there wasn’t anything for me to really complain about.

Clear out junk drawer
Our junk drawer is out of control. Luckily, Boyfriend ordered drawer organizers so when those arrive, I’ll clean that bad boy out.

Streamline my TBR
This is harder than it sounds since my TBR on GoodReads is over 2200 books long. My to-borrow list is over 13oo books long and my library-to-borrow list (the borrow short list) is just under 100. I’m tackling it one shelf at a time starting with the library, then I’ll move on to the borrow, and finally the big daddy, my overall TBR.


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