Zombie Apocalypse Team: Disney

Reading this gem of a question on reddit has made me think about my Disney zombie apocalypse team. No Star Wars or Marvel. That’s cheating.

He was engineered to be one of the most poweful creatures in the galaxy. He’s already likely immune to anything the zombies have to throw at him and he can take a few out at a time.

While he’s the original MRA, he was also a kickass hunter and very strong. Every team needs some big dumb skilled muscle and he’d be mine.

Expert archer and horseback rider, I fail to see how she’d be anything other than an asset. Her independence might make her a bit difficult to deal with at times but survival can make buddies of us all.

Mulan, Shang, and Mushu
Combat skills, weapons skills and knowledge, military strategy. This is an all around obvious answer. Mushu is a small dragon who can quickly climb and can always start fires.

Wall-E and Eve
Both are robots so they wouldn’t be of much interest to zombies which are likely scent driven. Plus, Eve could blast most zombies into smithereens.

Hercules and Pegasus
Super-strong with a good heart and attitude and a flying creature. Any recon could be done with one weapons person, one muscle, and the flying horse.

In tune with nature, she’d be like Katniss minus the bow. Snares, edible fauna, and probably pretty badass in a pinch.

Aladdin and Carpet and Genie
Even if Genie was limited in what he could do by some magic law, he’s still be useful AF. Aladdin is scrappy, smart, and resourceful. Carpet is a sentient, flying object that would also provide a handy exit from most zombie situations.

While she’s emotionally fragile and kind of unstable, a frozen zombie can’t do shit. Even if she’s useless in a combat situation, she’d be handy as hell for security.

Cinderella’s mice
Small talking creatures who can climb inside walls? Tiny enough that they’d barely register to a zombie? I fail to see a problem here. We had a good scavenging day. Here’s a granola bar and they’re fed for a week.

Mulan and Shang riding carpet to scout a building? Silent and deadly. Merida, Hercules, and Pegasus as combat reinforcement? Pretty tough to stop. Pocahontas and Gaston would make sure we were always fed and adding Elsa would keep our compound secure. Gaston, Hercules, and Genie can set up on helluva fence.

Since Mushu and Genie are comedic relief characters, they wouldn’t be great anywhere stealth was necessary but they’d pack a handy punch. The mice would be handy in situations where it’s difficult to get a human through rubble and they could report back. Stitch and Eve would be the ultimate melee fighters.

Who needs Rambo when you have this dream team?


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