Those Who’ve Done It Before

As I’m messing around with different iterations of my potential capsule, I’m debating if I want to go the whole Project 333 on this one. Christine Kobzeff is a YouTuber who does capsules and I’ve really enjoyed her decluttering and capsule wardrobe videos.

This recent video reminded me that this is supposed to be a fun experiment, not a trial in how little I can live with. She’s also got a great handle on her style. It’s probably easier when you live in a place like Maui and the weather is pretty consistent. The weather around DC in spring can land anywhere in between 40 and 80 so it’s not the ideal time for a capsule.

Hawaii is the kind of place I’d want to stay for maybe a year before coming home to get a better feel for the place. I’ve never lived right near the beach but it would be pretty amazing. Adding that to my list of things that would be nice but will probably never happen.

Summer is the only time when our weather is fairly consistent. Recently I was doing laundry and the high for the day was 85. In the wash was a fleece pullover I’d worn the week before when it was in the 40s.

Apartment Therapy’s take on the capsule in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 was interesting and helpful. I think one thing that has saved me from the morning struggle has been a habit I’ve had since I was little: check the weather and pick out your clothes the night before.

Caroline Rector’s blog Un-Fancy has inspired many to take on the project, including this YouTuber whose capsule videos I love. I enjoyed Caroline’s interview on The Lively Show. Clothes have taken up too much of my time and money lately. I need to pay off my debt, buy furniture, acquire a new Kindle, and find more time for other things like reading and being with Boyfriend, and finishing the new season of Daredevil.


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