Richer Reading Life Activity #5

On Friday, I talked books with someone I’d never talked books with before: my MRI tech. I had to have a scan done (nothing serious, I’m fine) but he asked about college and I told him I’d studied English. He asked what my favorite authors were and I said I favored genre writers like Neil Gaiman.

My tech was actually a fan of poetry. His favorites were Lewis Carroll and Edgar Alan Poe with his all time favorite being the Jabberwocky. He was impressed Carroll committed enough to make a lengthy poem about nonsense. I told him I adored Alice in Wonderland and that my favorite Poe poem was The Raven for how rhythmic it was but Masque of the Red Death was excellent as well.

After I was done I recommended Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series since it has dealings with Lewis Carroll and other classic literature. It’s relationship to Poe is very unique. He even let me in on a little secret. When I put my earplugs in wrong, he offered to do it for me since the machine is quite loud. Normally, he just leaves them but there was something about me he liked. It was a very pleasant experience, all things considered.


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