Simple Summer

I’m addicted to videos about capsule wardrobes, minimalism, and people KonMari-ing their closets. I love seeing the closets with empty space and an easy selection of clothing. To see if I can pull it off, I decided to try and create my own capsule for the summer.

Summers here are hazy, hot, humid with highs 85-95 and chance of a later afternoon thundershower for the better part of 3 months. I don’t do well in heat so I like things that breathe. It involves a lot of leggings, cotton, and loose cuts. I’ve almost got it down to a uniform. A bad habit I have is wearing the same top with the same skirt. I need to break out of that and start mixing it up.

As per the standard rules, this will omit lounge wear, exercise wear, swimwear, underthings, PJs, and fancy wear. I’m also omitting accessories because it’s my first time doing this so I want breathing room. I don’t want to make myself crazy by having to decide that few necklaces I’m allowed to wear and if I should have a scarf.

I’m already very minimalist about my shoes. I only wear flip-flops to the pool and beach essentially making them active wear. Other than that it’s the same pair of sneakers and sandals. I buy shoes like most men: Find something that works, wear it into the ground, buy an identical replacement, repeat until the style is discontinued.

I’m also picky AF about my bags. I’ve got 1 regular backpack for commuting to work, 1 Vera Bradley satchel purse, 1 black boho purse, 1 medium sized TARDIS backpack, and 1 small Vera Bradley backpack. Other than wallets and pouches that go in the bags, that’s everything.

This may seem like a long list of things getting a pass but I’m taking a hard look at the actual clothing that will be included. Fun fact: I still have a lot of stuff.

I gained weight in the last 6 months and am back in my ‘fat’ clothes. Despite getting rid of most of my old ‘fat’ clothes, I’ve still got plenty of stuff. My recent shopping binge didn’t help. I’ve started a spreadsheet in Google to help determine my final capsule. This is not gonna be easy.


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