Library Sale and Book Swap Haul

I’m seriously on the fence about keeping some of these. It would be easier to read them without a library timetable but I don’t think they’ll last long after that.

I was grabbed by the cover on the far left and claimed it as mine once I realized it was written by Carlos Ruiz Zafón (The Angel’s Game). I didn’t realize it when I picked it up but it comes after Shadow of the Wind which I adored. The Gail Carriger books on the right I already own in ebook but got the paper format. The same applies for Girls in White Dresses. I got Must Love Hellhounds solely because the library doesn’t have it.

Afrikorps looked so ridiculous that I had to pick it up for $0.50. Age of Godpunk and Sandman didn’t actually stay. Secret History of Moscow is a physical copy of a something I have on ebook. Of the books I purchased, I strongly suspect the following titles won’t be kept after I read them:

  • Afrikorps
  • In the Darkest Part of the Woods
  • Girls in White Dresses
  • The American Heiress
  • Must Love Hellhounds
  • Shakespearean Whodunits

Yu’s book is a coin toss. I tried to read his more popular work How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe but I got bored. It could be good, it could be a repeat of last time and I’ll DNF. The one thing I kept from the book swap was Nation by Terry Pratchett and I’m on the fence about it. The other books I took I plan to sell.

My friends said that if my goal was to reduce the size of my collection, I should count every book from the library sale. People also kept asking about the massive pile of books I brought to the swap. I said these were all things that definitely weren’t getting read in the next 6 months so I didn’t need to hang on to them.

Both of those things were rattling around in my head so I came home and went over my books with a more thorough eye. I boxed up at least 50 more books. If I don’t miss having any of those books on my shelf by the end of the summer, I’m just taking the box to the library. I have parted with and am ready to part with at least 100 books in the last few days. I suspect I’ll give my memoirs and essays a more thorough going over in a few weeks.

I’ll give myself a pass on this library haul. I know I’m trying to be more minimal but I’m not done buying books this year. I’ve parted with more than enough to balance out what I brought in. More than enough if you count what’s sitting in a box in my living room. It’s my blog, my challenge, and April has not been the easiest of months. Let me have this one.


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