I Love My Library and an Oops.

Why I love my library: They have things I didn’t even realize they’d have. My old library would get things a lot later than my current one. I was amazed to learn my library had Pitch Perfect 2 and No Impact Man. They’ve also got some very recent releases I’m super-stoked to pick up when it’s my turn in the wait list, including a book that came out last week!

I can pick up what holds I have on Thursday. This is highly relevant because remember my plan to not buy any books for April? I think that may be going out the window.

Thursday is the Friends of the Library sale. I’m a friend of the library so I get in a day early to do all my shopping. I’ve given myself a budget of $5-10 and everything goes straight to the library and all books are used. Since this is for a great cause, I think this deserves a pass on my final 16, don’t you?

I may find nothing at the book sale. I’m imposing my usual strict restrictions on what I bring home. They’ve got at least 8 copies of Station Eleven floating around so it’s not like I can get away with bringing home whatever I want.

However, another time I may have an excuse to bring books home will be the book swap my friends organized this Sunday. We all come together, present what we no longer want, and take what we do. This is another situation where I could go home with nothing or I could go home with something.

Depending on what I come home with, I may find a middle ground. If I come home with 3 books, I get a pass. I come home with 4 books, I have to start a modified count toward my final 16.

Another oops will be my clothing purchases this month. Torrid finally got something back in stock I’ve been eyeing for ages. I adore the challis fabric they have but all the sleeveless tops they had it in were very sheer. I think I finally found a color that will work. However, I have the bonus cash that saves you money (I plan on buying leggings), I’d ship to a store (free), and use ebates to get some cash back.

There’s a good chance some of what I buy might not fit properly so it will be returned the same weekend

It only gets bad when I add the eshakti dress. I took one look at it and fell in love. I’m not big on dresses with sleeves so I though about getting it in a mini and wearing it like a tunic. One of the reviewers did the same thing and loves it. I found several other things on their site that I thought were fantastic. I could wishlist them all except this one. I’d obey my 24 hour rule and get them both on the same day.

My plan is to list at least 10 things on Poshmark this week. I plan on sorting through my latest round of purge books for something to sell. I’m going to get a check from selling back other books ($10) and have another Poshmark check on the way. In the last 4 days I’ve sold around $30 takehome worth of stuff.

I need to stop browsing the websites to see what’s new a cute. I did OK on ModCloth this weekend and got cocky. Shame on me, my skinny wallet, and expensive dry eyes. (ICYMI, I scratched my cornea. It was fucking expensive.)


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