Richer Reading Life Book #4

For an LGBT author, I chose Patrick Ness’s More Than This. I discovered it at the National Book Festival while it was still on the National Mall. There were several copies but one had the door intact. This made it special so I took it home.


How I had to hold the book to read it eventually led to the door popping out on its own but I am so glad I acquired this book. The writing and the world is wonderful. It deals with death, family, loss, grief, love, connection, and the future of the world. Much like life, not all questions are answered and not all mysteries are solved but you are left satisfied. I think the greatest part about this book is that Ness leaves you with plenty of things to think on and ponder.

I can’t tell you too much because anything I reveal will be a spoiler. It starts with Seth, a teenage boy, drowning and dying. This is what happens after he wakes up. From there he finds more questions than answers and more mysteries that need solving. I found the ending curious but not objectionable. I highly recommend this work, especially if you have depression or feel alone because it reminds you that there is always more. 5 out of 5 stars.


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