24 Hours

Scratching my cornea has been considerably more expensive than I foresaw. I had to nix some items I was thinking about getting for summer in favor of paying for various eye drops and doctor’s visits.

My position is also temporary so every few months that can extend the contract and have been doing so since August. There’s plenty more work to be done and one of the less qualified temps has been removed from the project. This means there’s more work to go around and a greater likelihood  of me sticking around but I still need to save up more money.

What is my latest solution to help with my spending? A 24 hour rule.

All clothing, makeup, music, books, and any other non-necessity must be purchased inside a 24 hour period on any given month. If it is not, it can wait until next month. It gives me time to think about what I want, what I can afford, and what I can realistically get.

I’ve already acquired some music and svaha collected my kickstarter pledge for their STEAM Angels line so that’s done for April. I was already sitting on an store coupon/cash while debating which summer items to acquire (now none) and it made me really consider what I needed. It turns out, not much.

I hope this helps because I need to build up my savings in the event that I’m out of work or I get another injury for ill-timed blinking.


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