Richer Reading Life Activity #4

I like doing trivia and learning new stuff. Like, did you know there were concerns about airing Bob the Builder in Japan because he’s only got 4 fingers? Folks were concerned about yakuza associations since poorly behaved mobsters often lose fingers. I learned that from a book from mental_floss

Despite that fun tidbit, I have 6 books from them that I’ve had since 2009 and never read. While I’m sure the contents are great fun, I’ve had long enough to read them so I’m culling the books that have been in my TBR the longest. Finding a new home will be:

  • mental_floss Forbidden Knowledge
  • mental_floss Cocktail Party Cheat Sheet
  • mental_floss Scatterbrained
  • mental_floss What’s the Difference?
  • mental_floss Genius Instruction Manual
  • mental_floss In the Beginning

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