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I started my Monday was waking up with my eye hurting and watering like crazy. I managed to score a same day appointment to find out why. Some people miss work because of badass injuries like breaking your thumb running a marathon or spraining you ankle mountain biking. Not me. Having dry eyes got me a $200 scratched cornea. It was a fun day -_-

To offset that unplanned expense, I thought I’d share the apps I’m using to save some extra money.

Receipt Hog
Receipt Hog scans your receipts (up to 2 weeks old) and you earn coins and slot machine spins. It looks like it’s all for marketing data. Once you have enough coins, you can send it directly to your PayPal

This is more specific. You can discounts when you buy certain items by a certain date. Ibotta has proven very useful and routinely earns me points. You still have to purchase whatever is on their list for rebates but it’s worked out OK thus far. You can also use it for other retail outlets like Sephora. Once you hit $20, you can send it right to your PayPal

Cardpool, Gift Card Rescue, & Gift Card Granny
Buy gift cards at a discount and save money. Gift Card Granny sends you to a third party reseller so we’ll see how that pans out. The other two are more direct. I just signed up so we’ll see how it works out.

I was at Nordstrom Rack this weekend to fill out the last of what I want for my summer makeup collection when I decided to try a little experiment. I’ve made a respectable chunk of change selling my used clothes on Poshmark so I thought I’d try selling something designer and turn a small profit.

I’m currently trying to sell a Michael Kors wallet but it hasn’t generated much interest. I have 90s to return it for a full refund so my plan is to wait until I’m back in the neighborhood at the end of April if no one bites by then. I’ll give Kate Spade and Coach (if I can score one) a shot before I call this one a wash. I’ll only buy one thing at a time since it’s still expensive at 50% off.

Do you guys know any other apps to help bring in some extra cash?



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