April TBR

I read 3 out of 4 from my March TBR and started book the 4th book. It’s a series of comic shorts so I didn’t need to read it all for it to make sense. All of the books were very enjoyable so now we move on to my TBR for April.

Dear Reader by Michael Malice
A friend of mine is friends with the author and told me about his book. The friend went to North Korea and got a bunch of English propaganda about Kim Jong-Il.Malice then wrote a biography about the dear leader as if the propaganda were true. It takes place in Asia and looks to be quite a bit of fun.

Black Canary and Zatana
I met the artist last year at Baltimore Comic Con. I had recently finished Young Justice and enjoyed these 2 characters. I want to hear what their story.

Wild Ocean
I got this at last year’s Small Press Expo. I was already familiar with the title and the art was so gorgeous that I couldn’t resist.

Either No Baggage or All Stories Are Love Stories
I’m hoping surrounding myself with a minimalist message will break my consumerist spending habits. No Baggage is about a new couple who go on a whirlwind trip with nothing but what they’re wearing. I discovered it being advertised on Book Riot. All Stories Are Love Stories is an ARC I won from The Reading Room that looks to be very captivating.

For the last one, they’re both non-challenge titles I want to read but I’m unsure if I’ll need fiction or nonfiction more when the time comes. We’ll see what I’m craving this month.


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