This Is Our World

I read the latest The Most Insane Things Happening Right Now from I have several thoughts.

15) So the robot became an MRA’s dream. Who would have expected that from a tech company?

14) If you ever wanted a solid excuse to do drugs, cancer was it.

12) For all my RHPS fans out there, it was legit horse brutality.

11) A solid reason to never visit or live in Indiana. That is some male constructed bass-ackwards bull shit. If any politician ever had to abort a wanted pregnancy due to major disabilities or known someone who has, this law wouldn’t have existed.

8) Please explain to me why we haven’t legalized this on a federal level, regulated it, and proceeded to tax the ever-loving hell out of it. This would go a long way to solving out national debt problems.

6) This is why we can’t have nice things internet. At least it’s not dick joke.

5) I wonder if cats are also responsible for my missing Santa sock.

4) I initially thought it was Weekend at Bernie’s. This was worse. When Tom Green is offering to help with your legal troubles, you need to do some serious introspection.

1) Boyfriend’s cousin is moving from Belgium to Australia soon. Australia has the most things per capita that are capable and interested in killing you. They’re also some xenophobic mofos. Probably still one of the safer places for them to be.

I really wish some of these were April Fools jokes but nope. Such is the world we live in. Happy Friday folks.


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