New Years Resolutions Quarterly Update

Going through and making changes to takes and categories, I found my New Years resolutions for 2015. How am I doing so far?


1) Eat better
Definitely an improvement. I eat more fresh veggies and have a smoothie every morning with veggies, fruit, and fiber.

2) Exercise more/be more active
Some progress made. Not with a great deal of consistency but I’ve really stepped it up in the last few weeks so hopefully I can keep it going.

3) Spend less money on frivolous things
Nope. Lots of fail happening on this front. I’m hoping to improve here but we’ll see what happens.

4) Make more recipes
Lots of fail happening here too. My standard system is “What’s in the fridge/freezer? What do I know on how to make it edible?”

5) Pay off credit card
Excuse me, I have to go die laughing at the level of fail happening on this one.

6) Write more
Happening. I’m making solid contributions on the blog and some people actually read them! I’ve started writing more creative fiction which was where I wanted to focus my efforts.

7) Be tidier
Meh. I have less things and am getting a bit better at putting stuff away but I’m lazy AF about it other times. I feel like I’m breaking kind of even here right now.

8) Own less stuff
Definite progress has been made. I’ve added a bunch of things to my ‘sell on Poshmark’ box, I’ve sold several things on Poshmark, and I’ve found even more books to rehome despite my recent cull.

9) Resume using Duolingo to improve my residual college German
I’ve done less here than I did with my credit card.

10) Travel somewhere fun
Nothing thus far since I’ve been both busy and broke AF.

11) Spend less time on iPhone
I’ve made some improvement in recent weeks but I’m still not great. I could be doing a lot better.

12) Make more chain maille jewelry
I have made exactly one thing. It was for a reddit gift exchange. I signed up to be a regifter for the color exchange and made her a necklace in her favorite colors. She’s a hardcore Slytherin so it wasn’t too difficult.


1) Finish books started in 2015
Progress has been made on a few but nothing has been finished that carried over.

2) Complete 2016 book challenge
Working on it and have totally made progress. I’m somewhat pleased about this one.

3) Read at least one book before seeing the movie
Not yet but most of the adaptations I give a duck’s butt about don’t come out until fall.

4) Only buy 16 books outside of cons/fairs & gifts
So far, so good. 4 of 16 and 5 signed con purchases. There are 2 other big cons that I know I’ll be going to this year. I’ll likely miss the third for the first time in 6 years because some genius decided Labor Day weekend was a good time to have it. At least it will save me money.

5) Get number of books owned back under 700
It’s complicated.

6) Buy at least 1 book at a local indie bookstore
Not yet but I’m biding my time. I’ve only got 16 and I have several I’m really amped to get this summer.

7) Finish the Fables graphic novel series. I have them all. I just haven’t wanted it to be over.
Not yet. I’m trying to get ahead on my books for the year on GoodReads and my Richer Reading Life Challenge. I’m also waiting until I’m in the right head space.

8) See the Deadpool movie in theaters. I am absolute rubbish about seeing things in the theaters but I’m too much of a fan girl to let this one stand.
Check! I greatly enjoyed it. It was lacking in character development in a few areas but was a very fun ride. I am so pumped they’re getting a sequel!


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