Marching Orders 17-26

After watching several KonMari and minimalist closet videos on YouTube today, I went back to my closet eager to part with some more things.

  A lovely LBD that I haven’t worn since I’ve been with Boyfriend. When I see it I think of the person I was back then, not who I am now. It’s listed for sale online.
  A cotton dress that was handy for many summers but no longer makes me feel good to wear it. It’s listed for sale online.

  Another LBD gifted to me by a friend. At the time, it was 5-10 pounds away from fitting. I’ve since gained weight so it’s listed for sale online.
  Made for me by my mother. Nice, worn a few times, wouldn’t miss it. It’s listed for sale online.

 I got this awhile ago and have since realized I have other hoodies that are more comfortable, fit better, and I feel better in. The only reason I kept this was because I like the thing Boyfriend does when I wear things with ears.
  Purchased the last time I was at Disneyland. It was a little snug but worked. I’ve since gained weight and have other sweaters that look better on and work well at either end of my weight spectrum. I need to find the belt for it and then list it for sale online.

  A fun upcycled sweater I rarely wear. Again, for sale online.
 3 pairs of shoes only 1 of which I can remember wearing since I met Boyfriend and that was back in 2014. Donation bag.

I took a few things out of my closet but not to get rid of. I like how I look in them but it’s off season and they’re a little formal. I want to pack up all my dressy work clothes since they don’t really get worn anymore. Dressing for the job I want around here (if I make FTE) is pretty on par with what I wear everyday.

I also tossed 3 pairs of old underpants that don’t fit well. I was not posting those. I took a shirt of Boyfriend’s I’d been using as a PJ top because I have 2 others I like better and are more comfortable. I told him if he didn’t want it back, I’d be happy to sell it. I think he’s going to get sentimental and keep it but that’s his draw space. Next, the winter accessories!


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