I have been binge watching capsule wardrobe videos and KonMari clean outs on YouTube. I’ve been reading up a bit on it as well. One of the biggest pieces of advice I’ve heard is ‘find your style.’

What have I learned about my style?

-I keep it very simple when it comes to shoes. My feet are long, flat, wide, and have a high instep. I’d rather shop for bathing suits and jeans than try to find shoes. Sneakers and Mary Janes year round with Uggs, waterproof work boots, sandals (think Birkenstocks), and flip flops for seasonal. That’s it.

-I like skirts with lots of fabric. Some people swear by pencils skirts but I like my skirts to move. This is one of my fancier pieces.

-I like to layer. I get warm easily so I’m not big on sweaters or long sleeved shirts. Give me a cami and cardigan any day. I’ve also got broad shoulders and big arms so when I find something that works, it’s mine.

-I wear a lot more gray than I thought I did. It’s a great neutral which is why I’ve got at least 4 sweaters in it, 1 pair of pants, and my sweater leggings in some form of gray.

-I don’t like hats, headbands, and other things on my head. I’ll rock the occasional hair bow  if my hair is back but I’ve got a big head. So many things cut off circulation to my brain.

-I never wear my ‘nice’ work clothes. I’ve got business casual, presentable work clothes but I don’t need button downs or blazers. I’ve packed up all my ‘nice’ work clothes in vacuum bags should I need them again. Most of those pants have been tailored to fit so I’m not risking having to shop again if my work situation changes.


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