CW: Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?

The Prompt: A famous couple and what happens after ever after. I’ve always had a thing for red riding hood and the big, bad wolf so I couldn’t shake them for this prompt. I had 1,000 words and this is the story I told.

While most fear the wolves, they never scared me. I was fascinated by them and respected their power. I felt safe alongside them in the woods. I spent part of my days in town with my family and the other helping my ailing grandmother. My grandmother preferred the woods because it was better for the herbs she grew.

I would often be in the company of the woodsman. He collected firewood and brought back game for the butcher. While many expected him to make an offer, my father thought the woodsman ‘below our station.’

The truth has gotten twisted over time. What happened was that I came upon the cottage to find a large black wolf standing like a man, feasting on what remained of my grandmother. He lunged at me. He only got one bite in before a russet wolf took him down. One bite is all it takes.

Wolf packs are families. The lone wolf is the grown son looking for his mate. After he saved me, my father gave the woodsman his blessing. We made our home in the cottage, going into town to sell game and herbs. Each full moon night we run and hunt. I haven’t been running as much since any day now, a new member will join the pack. Here, there is no big, bad wolf. Only family.



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