Scooby-Doo: What Did You Do?

From a friend on Facebook: “How’s this for a Scooby Doo theory? That gang were all reformed criminals, and mystery solving was their community service. Just a group of misfits with nothing in common, paying their debt to society. Can I get some ideas as to what each of their crimes were?”

Velma was a hacker or the past equivalent thereof. She was attempting to liberate the wrong information and got busted. Shaggy was a stoner so possession and possible distribution. Either he was a first time offender or his dad knew somebody. Fred was some type of white collar or theft from rich people. His dad got it plead down. Daphne dated a bad boy to piss off her parents and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Again, her rich parents were able to bargain her out of her accessory to a major crime.

Originally they were supposed to be a band and find mysteries in each town on their tour. This premise makes more sense than just scrapping it (which is what happened) and gets mocked a bit in the latest reboot. Either way, it’s fun to think about.



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