Unpopular Opinion Book Tag

1) A popular book or series you did not enjoy
Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. This is what solidified my hatred of this man and all his work. I wanted to burn it once I was done. Why should I give a fuck about this relationship when the main character ends the story with “I’ll probably always be alone”?

2) A popular book or series everyone seems to hate that you love
I have nothing on this. I’m very particular about what I get excited about and I cannot think of anything that is widely disliked that I like. I even checked GoodReads. All my favorites are above 3 stars on average. The closest I get is liking horror shorts which aren’t super-popular.

3) A love triangle where the character ended up with the partner you didn’t want
This has not happened to me yet. I like protagonists who are trying to  get things done so not a ton of what I read has love triangle problems.

4) A popular genre you never reach for or read
Romance. I not only don’t read it, I almost actively avoid it. I don’t want to hear about how gorgeous he is. Let’s do something with this plot other than bone, OK? This is why I plan on finding a romance novel for my ‘genre I typically avoid’ part of the challenge.

5) A popular or beloved character you don’t like
Margo from Paper Towns by John Green. I fucking hated her. She was so self-absorbed that I didn’t understand what Q actually liked about her. It made me like Q less for being obsessed with such an immature jerk.

6) A popular author you just cannot get into
James Patterson. I’ve read exactly one book by him in my life. I really just don’t care.

7) A book trope you’re tired of seeing
Damaged girl falls for bad boy. Can we have more bad ass women please? I’ve seen what ‘bad boys’ are like IRL and most women have more important things to deal with than their bull.

8) A book series you have no interest in reading
Game of Thrones. I’ve read a tiny bit of GoT and Martin spent so much time on exposition I had no idea what the point of it all was. I got bored inside of 2 random pages. I’ll just watch the show.

9) What book to TV show/movie adaptation is better than the source material?
Practical Magic. The movie was dramatic, interesting, and had a fantastic cast. The book had no magic, very little happened and almost no point IMHO.



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