Richer Reading Live Activity #3

I am a huge bookmark user. I used to use the cute, fancy bookmarks from stores and what have you until  I was in a bind and had to use a ticket. A tradition was born. Most of my fancier bookmarks found new homes and tickets from different events I attended became my favored bookmarks.

The card stock they were printed on was durable but fit nicely within the page. I never had to worry about a tassel getting the ticket yanked out. Best of all, I got to remember the event where I got the ticket. I still use them to this day although my primary method has changed. I started getting $2 bills out in the world (as change mostly) and use those. The ink doesn’t fade if my hand gets sweaty and each one has a story, much like the tickets.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I haven’t dogeared a page since I devoured most of the Fear Street series in the 90s. I can be a bit precious about my books. I put them in B&N bags so they don’t get beat up in my backpack. I write or underline in pencil. I want to brandish someone about the head if I see them fold a cover over on a paperback so the back and front meet.

I did dogear pages on The Never Open Desert Diner because my best reading time is my commute. I have no chores, cell service, or other distractions pulling at me. There were several quotes I wanted to remember and put on GoodReads so what did I do?


A really little dog ear on the bottom of quote pages. It doesn’t mess up the book and I can still find what I was looking for. I can un-dogear it if I want the book back to normal. Everybody wins. I say this counts so my Richer Reading Life Activity #3 has been accomplished: Dogear a page.


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