Marching Orders 1-10

I purged a couple of items from my closet.

 1 & 2

Skull leggings that don’t fit and cords I haven’t worn since college. Buh-bye.

I purged even more from my jewelry box.  Pretty and worn a maximum of twice. Currently listed online.
 I made them myself and I plan on selling them on Etsy once I start using my account again.

  Pretty and worn several times when I picked it up at a private event in Baltimore. Now? I haven’t worn it in over a year.
  Bought it at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. I have a different amber pendant that sparks a lot more joy.

  Purchased on Etsy before I knew how to do this weave myself. I also never wear this. It’s currently listed for sale online.
  Something fun I picked up at the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore and never wear.

  A lovely piece I got at the Maryland Renaissance Festival and don’t really wear anymore. I plan on giving it to my mom for her birthday in August since she loves work by this artist.
 Part of a set with earrings. I love moonstones and I wear the earrings all the time but the pendant? Hardly ever. I got the thing when I’d been with Boyfriend around 6 months. I have worn it less than a dozen times since then and zero in the last year. I plan on using it to make a lovely gift for someone else.

Ding! Round one.


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