The Bachelor Book Tag

With The Bachelor winding down, I thought I’d borrow a book tag from BookTube

First Impression Rose –A book you bought because of the cover

Charm by Sarah Pinborough. I saw this when I was in B&N and the cover caught my eye. I loved the texture and detail. Then I realized it was a fairy tale retelling and I was all about it.

The 2-on-1 Date – Pick a series and your favorite and least favorite within it

I’m choosing the Fables series by Bill Willingham. My favorite is probably The Good Prince because that tells us so much about Ambrose. It’s a really beautiful and powerful story in the series. My least favorite comes from an off-shoot of the original with Jack of Fables with The End. Everyone dies. It felt like a disservice to some of the characters of this universe to be killed off out of convenience.

The Wrong Reasons – The book started off amazing but the ending was terrible

In the Woods by Tana French. This like would have been a 3 star book from me regardless but there was a lot of potential to do interesting things and then SPOILER ALERT the main character never remembers what happens to his friends and completely fucks up his life. I refuse to touch another of her books to this day because I hated the ending so much.

Bachelor in Paradise – You’re favorite light, fluffy read

Love and Capes by Thomas Zahler, the entire series. It’s only 4 trades long so any and all of them. It’s a very sweet series about a normal girl falling in love with a superhero. The focus is on their relationship and life. It’s more like a sitcom than heavy comic book series.

The Most Dramatic Season Ever – A book that was a total roller coaster ride

The Rook by Daniel O’Malley. A friend of mine recommended it and I feel in love instantly. The first line is “Dear You, The body you’re wearing used to be mine,” and it doesn’t really slow down from there. It was a smart, engaging, thrill ride.

The Fantasy Suite – The most amazing romantic build up and release

I was leaning toward Jane Austen but I’m going to be a little different and say The Parasol Protectorate series. In that world, vampires and werewolves shouldn’t be able to reproduce so the fact that Alexia is pregnant causes quite a fuss. While her werewolf husband drinks himself stupid, Alexia must busy herself saving the day until he comes to his senses. It was a very fun watching them come together, break apart, then come back together again.

The Final Rose – Your favorite book from the last 6 months

I’ve heard a year or a month for this category so I decided to land in the middle. That’s a decent average for how long these couples last anyway. My pick is Through the Woods by Emily Carroll. It’s illustrated creepy stories that I absolutely adore. My favorite was the short one at the very end because I have a thing for the Little Red Riding Hood tale.


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