Music Monday: Right Here, Right Now

It’s my birthday this week! To celebrate the awesomeness that is me, this week is a bunch of songs I’m enjoying right now.

Love Me Like Your Style mashed by Emma Rouse on YouTube
Nightcrawler by Amber Skye
Madhatter by Melanie Martinez
Do What U Want by Professor Shyguy featuring Ali Spagnola
GDF Soldier Party by Azukano
Carry on My Wayward Slam mashed by Alex Hawkins on YouTube
Deadpool Rap by Junkie XL
I Do What I Love by Ellie Goulding
Sweet As Whole by Sara Bareilles
Zombie in the Swimming Pool by Good San Juan
What’s Up? by 4 Non Blondes
Just a Dream by Coco and the Butterfields
Blow (Deconstructed Mix) by Ke$ha
Intuition by Jewel*
Fight Song by Rachel Platten
I Will Never Die by Delta Rae
When I Grow Up by Garbage
Now You Know by Icon for Hire

* – The razor deal and song title came before the song, courtesy of her mom. Jewel had to bend over backward to come up with a song she was proud of but she managed to pull it off.


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