Why Cull My Books?

For all the book nerds out there who want to know why I’m purging my collection, this. All the this. I found a Book Riot article recently that echoes a similar sentiment.

I love reading. Barring a stroke, I don’t plan on that ever changing but I’ve got finite space, money, and time. There’s no point in hanging on to books I don’t love or have come to realize I’ll never read. It’s better to put them out into the world where they will be read and appreciated instead of letting them toil, unloved, on my dusty shelves.

When I look at my shelves, I want to see love of books I’ve enjoyed and possibilities from the books I want to read. There is no place in my life for books I feel obligated to read or am not excited about.

My birthday party is tomorrow followed by my actual birthday on Sunday. As part of Marching Orders, expect several more books to pop up in your feed in the next couple of weeks.


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