Casual Challenge Month 2

February is now over so it’s time for a Casual Challenge update. I did pretty well.

I checked off 3 books from BookRiot’s Read Harder Challenge

  • Horror – Rhest for the Wicked
  • Under 100 pages – Ensign Sue Must Die
  • Main character has a mental illness – The Bell Jar

2016BRRHC Feb

I was able to check off 4 books for PopSugar’s 2016 Reading Challenge

  • A book under 150 pages – Ensign Sue Must Die
  • A book you can read in a day – Pedal Zombies
  • A graphic novel – Princeless Vol. 1
  • A science fiction novel – Rhest for the Wicked

2016PSRC Feb

I feel like Rhest for the Wicked is a cyberpunk horror novel. Cyberpunk is an offshoot of science fiction so I feel like it works for cross-genre classification.

My only rule with these is that I can’t try to complete these above my Richer Reading Life challenge. There’s one I like on the PopSugar challenge I might try later this year though: The first book you see in a bookstore. I like this idea but it would have to be something that speaks to me. I think it would definitely help me have a richer reading life so we’ll see what happens.


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