Bookshops: Best Practices

While letting YouTube pick my content, I found this video. It’s about how to use a bookshop and has several recommendations of bookshops in the UK. How could people possible need to learn how to use a bookshop?

I actually learned some things watching this. Here are my main takeaways.

-Look at the employee recommendations. Good bookshops will have an engaged staff who want to contribute these things.

-Any table that has one author or one series is a paid advertisement. I never thought much about this but it makes complete sense.

-Count the number of books with headless women or gates with leaves on the cover.

-Don’t find a book then order it on your phone in the store. It’s the book equivalent of messaging a new Tinder match while on a date. GoodReads is fine.

-The author will send you signed copies of her book if you order from her website. It’s now on my wishlist.



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