Keep on Truckin’

I’m on a mailing list for a tiny house blog and saw this gem linked at the bottom of the article. I should have known it was Google. A young guy hired by Google decided that rather than rent the cheapest apartment option available to him ($2,000 a month), he’d live in a truck and off Google’s resources.

He has a bed, dresser, and a few hang up clothes. All bathing needs are done at the gym post-workout and all meals are had at Google’s cafeteria (company paid). He’s paid off his student loans by about $8,000 in under 5 months and made very respectable contributions to his retirement. I’m pretty sure a place that feeds you for free also has matching.

My first thought was “So no sex then?” but aside from some dating awkwardness, it’s kind of brilliant. Google pays for a butt-ton of employee expenses and he’s maximizing that in one of the U.S.’s most expensive real estate markets. He’s young, has no kids, no major ties so there’s no reason this is that bad of an idea other than some social awkwardness.

His lack of toilet could be easily remedied with a small composting toilet/bucket and the necessary moss or whatever else they use. In crunchy California, that wouldn’t be hard to come by. Finding a place to empty that might get awkward but it’s just a thought. If you want to know more about what goes on inside this guy’s head, he’s got a blog.


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