Book Update: Limits and BookTuber Influence

I’ve realized that 16 books is not many. Despite having a birthday in a few weeks and a wishlist of mostly books, I’ve got a respectable to-obtain list for the year.

Fortunately, only two of those are available right now and I’m abiding by my rule to buy nothing before my birthday. I have no idea what is taking the Archie trades so long. tIt will have been over 2 years since the first trade came out when they finally released the second. It’s like they’re trying to get people to lose interest in the series.

I think it’s possible to abide by my 16 book limit but my 2 thus far plus a potential 2 from the reddit exchange (if my Santa is good) plus the list above gives me a grand total of 11. Thank gods for libraries. Speaking of libraries…

I’ve been watching a ton of BookTube with my favorites being BooksandLala, BooksandQuills, and Books and Pieces. A lot of BookTubers are either young or really into young adult (PeruseProject, Ariel Bissett, ABookUtopia etc.). So I’ve been seeing a lot of YA flash by and I want to see what the buzz is all about. I won’t have a chance to hit the library before the 27th but I plan on checking out at least 2 or 3 of the following:

These are all titles that sparked my interest so we’ll see what someone who is thisclose to 29 thinks about reading stuff for teenagers.


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