Richer Reading Life Challenge Activity #2 & 2016 Book #2

My second activity that I’m checking off is attending a book event. This Is Why You’re Single had a book event on Tuesday and yours truly was in attendance. I’m not sure how everyone else heard about it but I listen to the podcast. When they had people from the podcast clap, there was a second where I wondered “Really? Just me?”

Despite that, Boyfriend and I had a great time. We did activities for our V-Day this year. He’s listened to a few episodes of the podcast with me and has enjoyed it so he was excited for the show. Since the writers, Laura Lane and Angela Spera, are performers, they did comedy sketches of the different reasons along with 3 guys.

My favorite reason was “You Travel in Packs” where Spera, Lane, and a dude in drag were actively keeping one guy away from each other. The final guy was narrating it Crocodile Hunter-style. It was phenomenal. My second favorite was “You Want a Good How-We-Met Story” where the grandparents are explaining how they met to their grandkids. The written word can’t do justice to trying to make swiping right sound romantic or ‘getting poke’ sound quaint. I wish there’d been more silliness.

They did a few Q&As with a local Post columnist and then signed books. A surprising number of folks weren’t interested in getting their book signed so I was able to go right up and tell both of them why Boyfriend and I were there. We got hugs and Laura took our picture! It was a very fun night and we made it home in time to catch most of the hockey game.

I want to check off a few challenge books before I read theirs but I’m looking forward to see Lane and Spera’s wit in print. Did I also mention that it was only $4 extra to get the book? Yup. We’ve got book #2 of 2016 on our hands.


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