Reddit Book Exchange

In case I haven’t mentioned it here before, I am an active redditor. My favorite subs are JustNoMIL, AskReddit, and AskWomen. It’s the website that brought us Grumpy Cat and a third of the articles on BuzzFeed.

A while back I heard about reddit gift exchanges where you are matched with another reddior and swap gifts. You fill out a profile to guide the person along and hope for the best. For Christmas, my initial gifter sucked and didn’t follow through. Reddit plans for this and has rematch santas. I regularly sign up to be regifter because I know people suck and getting stiffed by a secret Santa is a sucky feeling.

How does this relate to books? The next batch of gift exchanges came out. Guess what was one of them. Yup. Books. I’ve had such fun experiences doing Halloween and Christmas, how could I pass this up?

While it technically is a gift, I also voluntarily brought this into my life. I’m signed up to be a rematch Santa so I figure that buys me some karma points on this. The recommended minimum is $20. Depending on what I get, I’ll count it for 1 or 2 of my final 16.

If my last 2 exchanges are any indicator, it will be larger than that. I asked for spooky reads for Halloween. I got 2 books, some small decorations, and a butt-ton of candy. Christmas, I just put out what I liked. I got homemade stickers, a custom travel mug, makeup, and a decorative Jane Austen thingy. (It’s kind of like a small plate. Hard to describe.)

The fun is the mystery and choosing a present for someone else. I’ve already planned some very thoughtful gifts like bookmarks from this artist. Soon, I plan on gather a customized set of cards from some great artists on society6. The gift exchange doesn’t close for a while so I’ve got time to place that order. I’ll be sure to post pics of that I end up gifting.


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