Richer Reading Life – Activity #1

I pulled double-duty because not only have I listened to a podcast about books, I also discovered BookTubers! What rock have I been living under that I missed all of the cool women vlogging about books? I’m going to give you guys the break down.

Dear Book Nerd podcast

Brought to you by the ever fantastic Book Riot, this podcast deals with quandries that face many a book lover. I’ve dabbled in this podcast before but not since 2014. I decided to restart it from the beginning. It turns out the dilemmas facing book nerds haven’t changed much in the last 2 years.

Despite over 50 podcasts, Rita Meade keeps finding something to talk about. I’m less than 10 episodes in but it doesn’t look like there’s a lot of repeated content. The guests routinely rotate and offer a different perspective on whatever issue they’re facing like reading the classics, lending books, defending your taste, ebooks versus physical books, and if audio books is really reading.

It’s a calm podcast so it keeps me mellow rather than winding me up like The Black Tapes podcast. I’m excited to keep listening.


I just discovered the tip of this iceberg. I think I clicked a link from Book Riot and saw several different videos in the related column. I started clicking and fell down that rabbit hole that YouTube can be.

I really enjoyed BooksandLala because she has a perspective closer to mine. She’s a bit older, married with a kid, and deals with grown up stuff like bills and taxes. A lot of BookTubers are rather young. Ariel Bissett is definitely young but she has a surprising amount of insight and wisdom for someone her age. Her videos about timing and her book purge were excellent.

Some others I’ve discovered that I’m curious to explore more are PadfootandProngs, PeruseProject, BooksandPieces, EpicReads, and TheStillPoint. Does anyone know any other BookTubers I should be watching?

Podcasts and videos about things I love. I’m enthused. Ariel Bissett said she only read 25 books in 2015 because she was so busy traveling and experiencing the book community. (Side note: Can I have that problem?) It really shows that loving books is about more than just reading.


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