Gods of Where?

I’ve seen several trailers for Gods of Egypt and I’ve got one question: Why did they only cast white people? Seriously, why are there no middle eastern or, god forbid, Egyptian actors?

I can forgive Gerard Butler because he’s an action hero who will put butts in seats but how about the rest of the cast? Was every middle eastern actor from The Mummy franchise busy? How about all those guys who are good enough to play terrorists on [spy TV show/movie, pick one] but forbidden from having more than 3 lines as any other character?

Why did the helpful human and his love interest, both relative unknowns, have to be white? Did they even audition anyone who might have had unpleasantness with airport security?

First we get Exodus: Gods and Kings. If you look at the ‘starring’ column on Wiki, there are only 2 actors on there who aren’t white: Ben Kingsley and Golshifteh Farahani. I didn’t see it but I’m betting Farahani didn’t get a majority of the dialogue. Now we get this joke of Egypt. All in all, it looks like a cool movie but the second I realized Jamie fucking Lannister was Horus, is was pretty much over it.

I wonder how much public outcry is necessary to get Hollywood to stop whitewashing every flipping movie that touches the middle east. Probably a lot more followed by a dent in their dollars. Anyone else willing to skip this with me?


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