Saving Race

I just received some disheartening news. The company I’m temping/on a contract for just laid off 50 people. I was told when I was offered this position that it could lead to something permanent but if 50 people, including 3 from this office, just lost their jobs, it doesn’t look good for me.

My contract is good through April. At that point a number of things could happen. They budget could come through and they could bring on one of the temporary people. However, if they can only bring on one of us, I don’t think it will be me. There’s another contractor who started the week before me that would be the first choice if they could only bring on one of us. They could simply extend our contract again (which I wouldn’t love but certainly wouldn’t mind).

My future is very up in the air after a couple more months. If I can’t stay where I am for whatever reason, I am well liked by many staffing agencies and their clients in the area. I should be able to land on my feet but there’s on guarantee of finding anything stable. What I do know is I have more credit card debt than I’d like and rent to pay.

To help deal with that issue, no makeup, books, jewelry, or clothes will be purchased in February. My things are selling reasonably well on Poshmark for the moment and I’ll be returning something to Amazon soon. I’ll crank up the use of Ibotta and Viggle and try to save that way. I won’t make myself crazy but I need to be prepared for what could happen and lugging around more debt than I need because of things I don’t is not the ideal way to handle it. Time to adult and fix it.



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