Jewel talks about dealing with the rise of ‘shock jocks.’ Howard Stern may have done it well but there’s a lot of poor imitators out there. One guy was normal until it was time to be a DJ. He introduced her as big breasted. He didn’t take kindly to her giving it back and mentioning his small penis. She was then escorted out of the radio station.

I’m currently catching up on back episodes of This Is Why You’re Single while I’m at work. The episode linked before has a self-proclaimed shock jock. A woman asks about how she should present her son in her dating profile. The SJ idiot suggests posting a picture with the two of them saying that’s her son but she’s still tight. *facepalm*

Shock Jock wannabe offered advice that was neither helpful, interesting, nor original. Has the age of asking hard questions really devolved into lowest common denominator jokes?

The best way to be shocking is to say things people all know but won’t acknowledge or talk about. Asking Britney Spears about her breakdown is shocking. Asking Ben Affleck if he hates living in the guest house, if Katherine Heigel learned to watch her mouth, K-Fed id he learned to keep it in his pants yet, Ariana Grande if she’s grown up and stopped being a brat, or if Iggy Azalea learned to STFU on Twitter yet would be shocking.

Anyone who says things they know are inappropriate but will make people cringe is not shocking. You’re just a cheap and desperate imitation of what the world actually needs. You have to be the radio equivalent of Jackass to get any attention since you’re not capable of being clever, riveting, or unique on your own.


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