Music Monday: Bookish Tunes

New year, new reading challenge. To celebrate, this Music Monday is brought to by the written word. All of these songs are about or inspired by books, libraries, and bookstores. I’m a huge reader so I thought I’d give my fellow bookworms some tunes to crank with me as we organize our shelves, again.

Oh, Mr. Darcy by The Doubleclicks
Wrapped Up in Books by Belle and Sebastian
Wide Sargasso Sea by Stevie Nicks
Reluctant Readers Make Reluctant Lovers by Library Voices
Check It Out by Topeka Librarians
Solved By You by Marina Brouwer
White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane
Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush
Off to the Race by Lana Del Rey
Annabel Lee by Stevie Nicks
Yertle the Turtle by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rocket Man by Elton John
Sylvia Plath by Ryan Adams
Scentless Apprentice by Nirvana
1984 by David Bowie
Brave New World by Iron Maiden
Ender Will Save Us All by Dashboard Confessional


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