Don’t Believe Everything You Read

This article from WetPaint is a perfect example of how gossip blogs reach *really fucking far* to find their stories. In addition to using barely credible ‘sources’ like her nail person or dog walker instead of an actual friend, it’s also how they structure the article.

Marcus and Lacy are known for being the couple to make on Bachelor in Paradise 1. After they’re staged wedding for BiP2, WP is alleging they’re having problems because they’re not together and posting on social media all the time.

What do they wait to reveal until the very end of the article? Marcus recently joined the military. Yeah, that tends to be a little time consuming. Maybe he’s a little busy learning to be a marine to post lovey selfies.

Not only has he not been posting many photos of him and his wife, he’s barely posting *at all.* I just did a perfunctory glance at Twitter and Instagram and there’s been just as many things to indicate no problems than problems.

I got to the end of that ridiculous article and facepalmed. I was impressed with how much of a reach this was. It utilizes some fantastic junior high logic. Mindfully consume your media.


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