Friendship Review: Book & Reality

This was a carry over from December. Given my sort-of break-up with my former BFF, this seemed appropriate.

I’ve gotten many reminders that Magenta and I are no longer close. One of her moving boxes got soaked and ruined some of her books. I heard about it from her boyfriend. What stung was when he said “Of course you know.” The only of course anymore is the nothing she tells me. If we’re not in the same room, there’s nothing to say. It’s sad but reality.

What I can’t forget is that Magenta saw a side of myself I keep from the world and turned her back on it. She couldn’t handle how dark my depression can make my world. Bella, someone who I hadn’t been getting along with at the time, found something that could have been me on reddit. She did research, realized it was me, and opted in for that same darkness. People will never cease to surprise you.


The book was about besties Bev and Amy. Of course they live in NYC but Bev is floundering after dropping out of grad school. Amy is doing OK at a largely pointless job. Then life throws both women a curve ball. Bev is pregnant. Everything is about to change.

There were several similarities between Friendship and Girls on HBO. Immature, self-absorbed 20-somethings, thoughtless sexual behavior, self-destructive actions. While I found Bev and Amy more tolerable than any character on Girls, it was definitely that same Brooklyn world. A lot of their actions and motivations didn’t make sense to me. Why not make the prick pony up for child support? Why not take the ‘demeaning’ job just to pay bills?

It was also another in the grand tradition of having a not-quite ending. We get some resolution as it pertains to Bev and Amy but what becomes of these aimless women is unclear. Are they going to spend the rest of their lives as directionless as they spent this book?

I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5. While a compelling read, not a great deal happened. It was random and odd but not totally predictable.

I’m currently working my way through my library haul starting with Jewel. The last couple of books I read were all about NYC so I need something that is completely the opposite. Alaska and a former cowboy’s wife should do the trick.


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