Welcome to Night Vale book review

I just finished the Welcome to Night Vale book. Fink and Cranor write a spectacular podcast. I adore Welcome to Night Vale. However, I don’t think Night Vale’s weirdness translated especially well into print format this time.

I found it hard to engage in the book as much as I expected. I adored this town and these characters. Why isn’t this speaking to me more? I’m willing to bet that if I’d done the audio book, it would have totally altered my experience.

I don’t think the book was bad but it was as amazing as I expected it to be. It was good and tied up a very curious story that’s been running around the podcast for ages. It’s a bit rare that Night Vale’s weirdness gets explained so that was pretty fun.

I’d love to see another Night Vale book in the future. Maybe short stories about various pieces of weirdness with people around town or another novel that ties up a loose end.

Boyfriend enjoys Night Vale but doesn’t have a ton of reading downtime so I’m thinking about getting the audiobook off bandcamp as a surprise for him. We’ll see if that changes my mind about the book a bit.


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