Hello, it’s been quite a while

Adele has dropped new music for the first time in ages. The world is going crazier than Republicans about Benghazi. While I’m excited for the music, I’m also a little annoyed.

Adele has done nothing to stay relevant in people’s minds. She hasn’t tried to hold people’s interest or attention in anyway. That bothers me. So many talented artists struggle to matter, to be heard. Adele just has to show up and all is forgiven. I can respect that she took time off to be a mother and made sure she came back with her best effort but it would have been nice to see her try. Maybe go to a few events, have some vague half-assed social media presence.

Other than Skyfall, her fans have gotten nothing. We’re great when we’re buying her albums but we’re forgettable when she’s otherwise engaged. Have some appreciation for the people who helped you become the mega-star you are.

I watched the video for Hello and I like the song a great deal. I will definitely get her new album when it drops. Her comeback captured attention for a reason. She has a beautiful voice and makes great music. But I don’t think she’s appreciative of how easy it was to get back in the public’s good graces. Eventually, she may not be so lucky with the world’s good will.


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