Full Bitch Jacket

I’ve been selling some clothes I no longer want/need on Poshmark. It’s come in handy since I could use extra cash right now. I just sold one jacket that was great but wasn’t getting worn. The woman who purchased it asked me to ship next day and didn’t haggle too much over price.

I was very happy to know that it was going to a good home. Until I got my review from its new owner. She complained about everything: lack of thank you card, how it was packaged, the package itself, how it was folded, how it smelled, how soon it got there.

I handled that jacket right before sending. The ‘smell’ was nonexistent. It was minor at best and likely came from shipping rather than being stored in a box in my apartment. She said it was going straight to the cleaners. It’s fucking cotton. A washing machine could to the job just fine unless you want to wear your clothes out faster. And unless the item is marked ‘new with tags,’ who doesn’t fucking wash it? It went from someone’s closet to a package to your doorstep. This isn’t some new shrink wrapped shirt. These clothes have seen some shit.

As for the shipping, I literally shipped it the next day as per her request. If she wanted it beautifully folded in a perfect box with an effusive thank you note, she was going to have to wait for that. I have this annoying thing called a job. I’m not going to run to the store at 9:30 at night (when she bought it) so I can make sure I find the prettiest thing to mail it in. If it fits, it ships.

I worked with what I had to send it out in the requested time frame. I had a limited number of envelopes to use and had to roll the jacket to make it fit. I roll a lot of my clothes to make them take up less space so I didn’t think anything of it. You’re buying secondhand clothes on the internet. It got there in the promised condition at the speed you requested. How picky to you get to be?

I meant to send a thank you note since I was happy this great piece was going to a good home but I forgot to insert it before I sealed the envelope.  Opening the package back up would have made the whole process take more time and it wouldn’t have shipped the next day as requested. I will own that one as my mistake but I have never cared much about them. They’re nice but not as important as getting what I ordered. Given her reaction, I’m kind of glad I didn’t waste the stationery.

I will concede I could have put in a bit more effort on my part but this woman was a huge bitch. The jacket was in excellent condition and delivered at the speed requested. Her options were next day and not perfect or all sorts of pretty and wait around. I am not Lord & Taylor. This is not my main income.

Out of 5 stars, she gave me 1. I can deal with a 2 or 3 star rating on this but 1 was just unnecessary. You can’t expect department store service from a website that is one step up from GoodWill. She has since been blocked. Her attitude is not welcome in my closet.

I plan on prettying up my next shipment, if only to balance out my ratings. I’ve got one item to ship and one possible sale happening. Hopefully my next customers won’t be so high maintenance.


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