The Perfect Penis

In the You Keep Going on Bad Dates episode of their podcast, This Is Why You’re Single talked about a Swedish study regarding what women think is the perfect penis. They hemmed and hawed but it’s not complicated IMHO.

Skin – This is crucial. If you see bumps, blemishes, or spots, you immediately start wondering if they’ve got a disease. You want clean, clear, and smooth.

Hair – I don’t want to feel like I’m looking for Dr. Livingston but I also don’t want a guy with less hair than me. A nice middle ground is ideal.

Girth – This is where you get the magic in the wand. You want it think that a carrot but smaller than a soda can. A banana is pretty ideal.

Length – It’s not a never ending void. My gyno said I have a happy cervix so there is not a portal to another dimension there. 6-8 inches is great.

Balls – Again, good skin is essential. I fully agree with Whitney Cummings that balls are incapable of being attractive. They perpetually look like old man skin. You also want proportional sizing. You don’t want them huge or tiny, especially by comparison.

Was that so hard? ; )


One thought on “The Perfect Penis

  1. That just made me laugh, not that I don’t agree or do. Am straight man & don’t care, but thank you! Basically the same other way around: good skin, balls no bigger than mine and 4-6 in. crease w/ landing strip! Ha!


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